• Sharing your genius with the world

    #64. How could we deliver something "bigger" in our businesses? International speaker, strategist and guide Jeffrey Van Dyk suggests how.

  • How to promote your business using LinkedIn with Tracy Enos

    #61. Today I have Tracy Enos with me who will be talking about how to promote your business on LinkedIn

  • The benefits of self-promotion for greater success with Elizabeth Bachman

    #60. Elizabeth is a trained opera director and worked with many great singers, including Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

  • Tips for starting your own business with Elizabeth Wright

    #58. Elizabeth started her VA business in 2016. Only 5 years later she developed a small team and moved in to offices to separate business and her personal life.

  • High performance cultures and how neuroscience helps peak performance

    #57. Jennifer Thornton is an expert in talent strategy. With a background in H.R. her company 304coaching has achieved considerable success helping companies understand about peak performance.

  • Inclusive Tech: how to encourage women to stay in science with Stephanie Slocum

    #55. Stephanie Slocum founded Engineers Rising. She has extensive experience of supporting women in to technical areas as well as encouraging them to stay...

  • How to have a High Performing Team

    #54. This week's guest is Team and Culture specialist Andrew Bull (www.interstellarway.life). With a background in the film industry, his experiences taught him a lot about teamwork, and especially what made a team work well.

  • The Power of Podcasting: Building Strategic Alliances for Greater Success

    #52. This week's guests is Phil Pelucha. Phil describes himself as a growth strategist and runs a business with the apt title of ‘Billionaires in Boxers’...

  • Top tips for running a successful business with Carrie Morey

    #51. Carrie Morey is the head of Carrie's Hot Little Biscuit. She is a working mum of 3 girls and began her business with her mother Callie...

  • Seven Strategies for Small Business to solve the challenges of 2021 with Rick Heyland

    #50. Rick is a successful consulting Executive who has built a business and sold it. With an MBA and many years’ experience...

  • The 4 Keys to Leadership Success with Tom Kereszti

    #47. I asked Tom on to the podcast to explain his book C-Suite and Beyond, the 4 keys to leadership success.

  • Building an online business that works! with Laura Miller

    #45. Laura runs tempdev.com. Laura became a computer engineer and worked with someone there she felt helped shape her career. Having a Mentor like that, gave her direction, guidance, and advice. Then, when she could, she started her own business...

  • From Sales Rep to Sales Leader: How to make the leap with Rebecca Gebhardt

    #37. Rebecca runs her own business and has recently completed a really valuable piece of research...

  • Empowering Performance with Karena Calhoun

    #44. Karena and I discuss positive mindset and why we struggle with being ourselves in life. Many of us find it difficult to do this...

  • Elevate Your Success with Olivia Carter


  • Reading People & How that benefits Business with Alan Stevens

    #38. Alan is a profiling specialist. Based in Australia, he has been working with individuals and business for years...

  • Entrepreneurship and what makes Business Successful with Jaime Gennaro

    #34. Jaime's background is in her family business as well as start up’s, ad agencies and digital marketing...

  • Enhancing your Customer Experience for Greater Success with Brenton Webber

    #30. Brenton is an expert in ensuring business achieves a positive customer experience...

  • Leadership Lessons from Law Enforcement

    #28. Eddie Campa has a background in law enforcement where he spent 20+ years both in Deputy roles and as Chief of Police

  • Running a Charity like a Business – an interview with Caroline Boudreaux

    #27. Caroline Boudreaux runs a business called The Miracle Foundation.

  • How to maintain a positive mindset with David Trotter

    #25. David is a Business Growth Consultant and has built several businesses as well as having been a Pastor for the last 10 years...