• The Art of Storytelling in Marketing

    #154 KISS

  • Building your Personal Brand

    #147 Brand building

  • E-Commerce for Growth!

    #131 Optimising with E-commerce

  • Working online for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

    #128 Making systems work for you

  • The Power of the Press to Promote your Business

    #122 Press releases for Small Biz

  • The Power of Podcasts for Promoting your Business

    #120 Podcasting & strategic marketing

  • Aspiring Business Owners, Here’s What You Need to Know About Opening a Franchise

    It's important to do your research and understand what goes into franchise ownership before taking the leap...

  • What are your services really worth?

    #102 Learn to get the price right

  • The Secret to Finding a Perfect Name for Your Business

    In essence, you have to show your customers that your brand name is a proper definition of who you are as a business and what you aim to achieve.

  • Take your foot off the brake & grow your business

    #99 Stephanie helps women to scale their service-based business, and overcome the mental and physical blocks that get in the way of success...

  • How to Effectively Increase Traffic to your Website

    #94 Getting to grips with SEO

  • Effective Content Marketing

    #67 Alison Ver Halen talks about the importance of content marketing

  • How to promote your business using LinkedIn with Tracy Enos

    #61. Today I have Tracy Enos with me who will be talking about how to promote your business on LinkedIn

  • Tips for starting your own business with Elizabeth Wright

    #58. Elizabeth started her VA business in 2016. Only 5 years later she developed a small team and moved in to offices to separate business and her personal life.

  • The Power of Podcasting: Building Strategic Alliances for Greater Success

    #52. This week's guests is Phil Pelucha. Phil describes himself as a growth strategist and runs a business with the apt title of ‘Billionaires in Boxers’...

  • ‘Hidden Profit Black Holes’ & how to avoid them with Amy Rose Herrick

    #49. Amy Rose is a chartered financial consultant.

  • Resources for Business Owners Ready to Lead Their Community

    Today we have a guest blog from Kelli Brewer who has written about how as leaders you can make a difference to your community, and to your brand, by supporting your local area...

  • Why having a Publicist can increase your success as a business with Tracy Lamourie

    #21. Tracy runs her own business as a Publicist and feels strongly that businesses of all sizes can benefit from understanding what a Publicist can do for them...

  • Strategies for Expansion and Exporting with Mike Wilson

    #16. Mike Wilson has been in business for some years and began his current company when he felt short of practical tips and a strategy to help him expand in to the export business...

  • Successful marketing in 2021 starts with video and audio

    Charlie Marsden runs a business called Proverb Media. With a background in music, Charlie has always been interested in technology and music tech...