• Thriving in the Storm, handling tough times

    #111 Being & doing better

  • When is your child an adult?

    #110 Tools for life

  • Why your Business is Better with Apps

    Being an entrepreneur is a very demanding job. But there are a few apps that can help an entrepreneur to stay on top of their game...

  • Leadership DNA, what it is and how we Change it!

    #98 Mandy Morris, executive psychology coach, is this week's guest

  • How Investing in Property helps to achieve Financial Freedom!

    #91 Property & growing wealth

  • Inspiring Habits by Sue Firth

    Today I’d like to cover one of the subjects I have a real connection with. This is habits that I think are either good for you, or desirable - whether in business or in life

  • Achievement, Success and why that’s sometimes not enough!

    #82 An interview with executive and career-life coach Randi Roberts

  • High Performance and How to Attain it with Sue

    #80 Your mindset impacts behaviour

  • Mastering Your Mind Through Emotional Intelligence

    #75 Daniel Tolson explains how emotional intelligence reframes our experiences.

  • Handling Challenging Kids

    #73 Parenting advice when your kids have trouble at school and at home

  • How can you change career?

    #72 Career change coach Sarah Burrows visits the show

  • Aging Vibrantly at 72!

    #71 Ruth Yunker discusses how to age well.

  • How to stay well over 40!

    #70 Dr Eric Plasker returns to talk about how we age and if it is all a great big lottery

  • What drives you?

    #69 Exploring how psychology can be applied to life and work.

  • Neuroplasticity & the power of thinking differently

    #68 Insight into our brains have to regenerate themselves

  • Sharing your genius with the world

    #64. How could we deliver something "bigger" in our businesses? International speaker, strategist and guide Jeffrey Van Dyk suggests how.

  • How to be your best self for 2022

    #63. I asked Kathleen Healy on to the show because I know how typical it is that we start January feeling fed up when we’ve over indulged over Christmas...

  • 6 Tips for the end of 2021 with Sue

    #62. It’s great to come online again and say ‘hi. It’s my custom to do this every now and then and I’m doing so today because I’m recommending a few things prior to the end of the year.

  • The benefits of self-promotion for greater success with Elizabeth Bachman

    #60. Elizabeth is a trained opera director and worked with many great singers, including Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

  • Tips for starting your own business with Elizabeth Wright

    #58. Elizabeth started her VA business in 2016. Only 5 years later she developed a small team and moved in to offices to separate business and her personal life.

  • High performance cultures and how neuroscience helps peak performance

    #57. Jennifer Thornton is an expert in talent strategy. With a background in H.R. her company 304coaching has achieved considerable success helping companies understand about peak performance.