• From Burnout to Breakthrough: Revitalizing Well-Being on the Journey of Business and Life

  • Why We Eat Too Much

    Understanding what we eat

  • Sick to Strong: How fitness can elevate your Life and Business

    #115 What the right mindset can do

  • Aging Vibrantly at 72!

    #71 Ruth Yunker discusses how to age well.

  • How to stay well over 40!

    #70 Dr Eric Plasker returns to talk about how we age and if it is all a great big lottery

  • How to be your best self for 2022

    #63. I asked Kathleen Healy on to the show because I know how typical it is that we start January feeling fed up when we’ve over indulged over Christmas...

  • Top Tips on Stress Management for Executives

    #53. I am primarily an expert in Stress and have supported Executives both as a professional speaker, and 1:1 adviser, for 30 years.

  • Developing JOY in your life with Jan Hoath

    #46. This week's guest is Jan Hoath, who talks about JOY. Her message is to encourage leaders to understand and embrace the powerful benefits of experiencing joy...

  • How to Start Exercising

    The biggest issue for most people is not knowing how to start exercising. What sort of exercises should you do?

  • Easy and Affordable Ways to Make Self-Care Part of Your Everyday Life

    Today we have a guest blog from John Foster who has done an excellent job of writing about the value of self care...

  • What is your relationship with food?

  • ‘We are what we eat’: The Medicinal Chef

    Research shows just how strong the connection between gut health and brain health can be...

  • Your Gut & Mental Health

    Approximately 500 species of bacteria, as well as many species of yeast and other organisms, live in the human gastrointestinal tract and...

  • What’s Eating You?

    At some point in all of our lives we turn to a solution we hope will make us feel better; to cope with or to distract us temporarily from our problems...

  • Losing weight – a psychological approach

    Looking at the “whys” of weight problems are just as important as the “hows” in my book...

  • How to lose weight sensibly – Part 1

    For some people, overeating becomes a normal response to stress, and they find themselves putting on weight, often adding to their feelings of unhappiness...

  • Five quick wins for more energy

    Some “quick wins” – easy, practical strategies that you can start using in your life today and, if you follow them consistently, are guaranteed to improve the way you look and feel...

  • Energy, Vitality & what drains us

    In this piece, we’ll examine what is affecting your energy levels...