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Welcome to Episode 52 of my podcast, The Executive Edge. This week’s guests is Phil Pelucha. Phil describes himself as a growth strategist and runs a business with the apt title of ‘Billionaires in Boxers’ .

This isn’t a random name. In fact, it refers to his belief that with the right leads, and the right strategy you can attract in great partners to work with you in business. This enables you to grow and earn well. The result is the ability to wander around in your boxers!

I asked Phil on to the show to illustrate his main strategies for growth and in particular, how to profit from a podcast or suitable online media. He’s a strong believer that rather than selling to people which he openly acknowledges he doesn’t consciously do, it’s easier to build relationships. Although I have heard this sentiment before and agree with it, the translation of it to podcasts is that many people you might not be able to access will come on to be interviewed. This is because their success, or seniority, might make them difficult to approach, but they will welcome or contemplate coming on a podcast.

Why is this?

Phil believes this is for two reasons: firstly, that people love to talk about themselves so if you’re interested in being introduced to someone, approach them with a view to providing them with a way to promote an issue of interest to them right now. This also delivers his second tip: which is that of doing something for them, preferably without expectation of any return.

In this way you become known for being generous either with your time or intentions. It’s likely this builds a better rapport and as a thank you people often want to do something in return. This is called the Law of Reciprocity.

Why would you be willing to promote someone else?

The main aim is to build strategic partnerships. Non-competing alliances. It connects you with people better placed than you to achieve something you need too. If you’re doing something for them, this is a win: win. For example, their database may be much bigger than yours, but you get to promote something they need to get out there.

Phil has as a number of tips like this and has been very successful but he’s also very natural. So, even if ultimately, he’s promoting his business, it isn’t overt, it’s about who you want to meet and how to leverage that and he can show you how.

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