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Welcome to episode 97 of my podcast The Executive Edge with Sam Gormley.

Sam runs a business called Osaka Labs that focuses on the digital aspects of brand, social and user behaviour to spark joy at every touchpoint. This approach has been used by multiple UK-based brands including Fortnum & Mason, Yamaha, Pedigree Pal, and Wrigley’s. Sam started his career working in music before moving into financial services. He used his passion for technology and his unique experience to focus his work on advertising and digital marketing.

Technology revolves around how humans use it he feels. The internet is ever-changing and evolving. Sam believes digital agencies guaranteeing results by assuming target markets like the same things, has been going on for too long. These practices have done digital marketing a disservice. Instead, it’s vital to work out who your target market is, where they browse and what they’re looking for.

What did we discuss?

 Some of the most complex algorithms are being used currently in advertising. Sam and his company take clients’ data and build it into a dashboard to give to them. This allows his clients to view all the data. In that way, he feels he’s transparent which has earned him a good reputation. They aim to assess data end to end. This ranges from how many people have seen the ads to how many people have downloaded an app and then all the steps in between.

Sue and Sam discussed how it is not just about what you put out there. We control a very small portion of what people are going to do and how people perceive you. Sam suggests marketing is a conversation rather than a broadcast. Once we have put an advert out there, how do we bring it to life? This is what he refers to as ‘conversation’ because marketing then becomes two-way. Using the energy from comments and conversations on the internet is what brings marketing to life. Managing this conversation once it is out there is the epitome of modern marketing.

The key is finding a way to get people to participate in your advertising. For example, if you share a video, it should be an invitation for people to participate. There is a lot of value in getting out there and trying things, even if you feel like you are not reaching enough people. Focusing on conversation and ways of engaging new audiences is new territory for many, but he feels it’s so valuable he urges us give it a go!

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