By | Published On: March 10, 2022 |

Welcome to Episode 71 of The Executive Edge podcast. This week’s guest is Ruth Yunker

Ruth has a fabulous video on YouTube that depicts her personality perfectly and how vibrantly she still radiates life. At 72, Ruth espouses the virtues of how to age well, stay active and that living a positive, effective, and happy life, is within reach of us all.

What did she and I talk about?

Ruth has had a busy life and one in which she loves to travel. Having written several books on the subject of her travels to Paris, she epitomises how much fun she has. Now living in California, she walks 2 miles every day and practices yoga regularly, to keep her supple.

She believes that being able to achieve this is about daily habits. The internal ones she refers to as ‘an inside job’, include keeping positive, constructive, and habitually being alert to negative or ‘toxic’ influences. I agreed with this. It’s not that she and I consciously avoid bad news as it’s important to be up to date with what’s happening in the world but choosing when to access this can be really useful. That way you stay positive most of the day and your mood can be more stable.

She has a good diet, doesn’t talk negatively to herself and is remarkably tolerant of the evidence of aging. She doesn’t endlessly watch how much she’s changing.

Listen to the show to discover more of Ruth’s story.