1:1 Guidance

In an ideal world, you would know when you need advice or guidance because you’d feel overwhelmed by a situation. It isn’t always easy to reach out but it pays off.  We live in a culture where achievement is considered important, and if you are in the public eye or want to be a top performer, you often have too much expectation imposed on you by others. We all seem to  desire to be perfect and consistently at the top of our game but there are times when this is less easy.  I can help – I build your confidence and together we make a plan. With a plan you feel more in control, and control helps you feel better.

Reasons to come and see me:

  • Do you have unrealistic pressures on you?
  • Do you feel there are multiple problems to solve but it isn’t clear what to do first?
  • Are there complex situations you’re dealing with and no clear solution?

Truthfully none of us are experts at everything


Testimonials from my work with individuals:

“Sue is just fantastic! She really took the time to understand my complex circumstances and enabled me to understand the root causes for my feelings. She then guided me in letting go of those feelings, and equipped me with the tools to move on and get back to feeling like myself again. Her input has been invaluable to me and I highly recommend her services as a psychologist” Shanika, July 2019 

“Sue is extremely knowledgeable, warm and kind hearted, helpful, when needed most, attentive to detail, great listener , professional and able to see things through so well. She just’ gets you’ and you feel you are talking with a long lost friend. She is not judgemental, she doesn’t preach, but gently suggests a new way and perspective on things, so your mistakes or shortcomings can be viewed in a new light of learning. She helps you to see yourself better through your own eyes- it is as if someone lifts the veil and we see much clearer… She is strong and yet so kind, really trying to help with any issues and giving you some practical tools, on how to overcome daily problems that life throws at all of us” Janka Siskova-Sabolova, Beritazcare, 2019